About Us

General School Description

Northdale Public School is nestled in a quiet corner in the north part of Woodstock in Oxford County. The original one story elementary school was built in 1950, but an addition with extra classrooms was added in 1954.  The modern library/computer lab and new gym area were opened in September, 2001.

Northdale is a JK to Grade 8 school with approximately 380 students who all live within walking distance of the school. Our colours are red and white and we are known as the 'Northdale Stars!!'  We have an active Parent Council and many parent volunteers who keep our snack program running, run hot lunches and oversee fundraising for various needs at the school among many other things.

School Organization 

Mission Statement

Northdale Public School is a partnership of learners, teachers, families and the community. We strive to promote life- long learning in a respectful nurturing environment. We expect our students to be successful, productive and compassionate citizens of our learning community.

Vision Statement


All children attending our school will have their individual needs met through programs that are based upon transparent and fair assessment practices. Staff will monitor and support student progress, and will teach students to show respect towards themselves and others (students, staff and community). Students will accept responsibility for their own behaviour and take ownership for their learning. Students will have an opportunity to be actively involved in academic and extra-curricular activities.


Northdale staff members are committed to life long learning and professional growth. We are dedicated in our efforts to facilitate and guide the physical, moral, ethical and academic development of our students.

Leadership Members of the Northdale community will strive to create a supportive, professional community of life-long learners, who continuously develop their own potential, and that of their colleagues.


The process of curriculum implementation will provide opportunites for success to all students, by setting realistic expectations, and by allowing for variety in learning styles, abilities, equipment and resources.


We welcome the members of our community as valued partners in our students' education. We share a vested interest with the community in ensuring that each child has a positive school experience.

 Safe Schools

Bully Prevention Intervention Plan